Chief Justice James P. Alexander

Chief Justice Alexander served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas from 1941-1948. He received his law degree from the University of Texas in 1908. Before becoming Chief Justice, he practiced as an attorney in McGregor, Texas and was county judge of McClennan County. Later, he served as a district judge in Waco, a professor at Baylor Law School, and an associate justice on the Waco Civil Court of Appeals. Chief Justice Alexander helped to promulgate the Texas Rules of Practice and Procedure in Civil Actions in 1941, was a director of the State Bar of Texas, and was appointed to the Texas Civil Judicial Council. His nomination materials stressed his willingness to guide young people – both those who landed in trouble and those who would become future lawyers. He reportedly made a practice of taking first-time juvenile offenders to his home as guests, and his law students referred to him as “Judge Alec.”


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