2006 Haiku Contest


Like sleeping tigers
Hungry justices dream of
Feasting on verdicts
- Neil McCabe


Chances to win, don't ask…
on motion for rehearing-
impossible task.
- Kirby Hopkins


Response requested.
For relator, joy! hope! thrill!
Petition denied.
- Kirsten Castañeda

City of Keller,
Brister's wolf in sheep's clothing.
Can you say, "Reversed"?
- Kelly Kirkland


Night and day we crammed.
Courthouse doors in our faces slammed.
Hourglass top, no sand.
- Kirby Hopkins

When justices buck
both preference and party
law's majesty reigns
- Neil McCabe

With a mind like a
Casteel trap, the judge pauses-
and then granulates.
- Heidi Bloch

Revising is hard.
No. Tough? Harsh? Tricky? Complex?
Revising is hard.
- Kirsten Castañeda

Why is a haiku
Like an oral argument?
One wrong word - you're screwed
- Kelly Kirklan


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